Rethinking Europe: Pluralism, Peace, Free Markets and Prosperity

Association for Liberal Thinking in cooperation with Medipolis Research Center held a panel “Rethinking Europe” on April 14, 2016 at Istanbul Medipol University.  International participants made their presentations about pluralism, peace, free markets and prosperity in context of Syrian refugee crisis.

In first session, Randall O’Toole, from CATO Institute, talked about housing policy in Europe and Turkey, and the results of these policies toward refugee crisis. He also emphasized the necessity of free market issues about more fair housing prices.

Wall Street Journal writer John Fund compared Turkey in the years 1990s with the present situation by sharing anecdotes from his contact with Turgut Özal in one hand, and his actual observations in other.

Thereafter, Prof. Bekir Berat Özipek, director of Medipolis noticed that this country belongs to everyone who is living here. That is to say Syrians don’t be grateful to Turkey for what it did and is doing. Prof. Özipek shared also some stories from Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Arda Akçiçek from Association for Liberal Thinking, in his speech, criticized European policies toward migration crisis and highlighted Turkey’s effort and its open door policy for Syrians. Then Akçiçek shared some information from his field research realized in refugees’ camps in Turkey.

Second session started by the presentation of Michael Williams, an adviser at Altius Financial. He accented the importance of capitalist system for a peaceful world where people can do agreement freely and there is no place for using force.

Dr. Mazen Derawan, a business man from Syria and lived in Istanbul, pointed out the necessity of investment in rural areas. Because, according to Derawan, investment expenses are lower than in metropolis. Then, he defended the arbiter role of state and necessity of free market.

Asso. Prof. Hatice Karahan, head of department of Economy and Finance at Medipol University, made a presentation on global economy and Turkey’s exportation rates. Prof. Karahan said there is a global regression due to terror, financial crisis, etc. In this context Turkey nevertheless must find ways to the growth based on exportation.

Economist Ünsal Çetin, from Association for Liberal Thinking, presented some data from economy of Turkey and said that the country continues to economic growth despite political and financial crisis at regional and global scales.

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